Press Release on Closure 13/09/2022

Please direct any questions to

Minster Day Nursery and Out of School Club, registered charity no 1110919, is having to close its
doors and dissolve. The last day of operation will be the 30 th of September 2022.
Since Covid, the number of children in both the nursery and the out of school club has decreased,
despite much advertising and PR work, we have struggled to get the numbers back up to what they
were prior to the two lock downs.
With the rise in bills and the cost-of-living increases, combined with the decrease in income that we have tried to combat over the last few months; but we have reached the end of the road. We are
unable to financially continue with the nursery as charity. Despite the best efforts of the staff and
the management team, we have been left with no option but to close the doors to avoid accruing
any further debt.
The support and kind words that we have received since the original notification was sent to parents has been overwhelming. Manager, Dawn Todd says: “The staff have worked tirelessly to make a success of the nursery, and as you can imagine, it is heart-breaking for us all to be in this situation.”
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Tamsin McCann says: “We are continuing to explore options to find
someone to take the nursery on as business, as there is still a need for a nursery setting in the area.”Minster Day Nursery and Out of School Club will close its doors, as it is, for the final time on the 30 th of September 2022


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