Seaside Room

Seaside Room (From 18 Months to 3 year)

Our toddler room is able to take up to 20 children per session, ranging from 18 months to 3 years. Seaside room is defined into the six areas of learning to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. These are:

  • art and messy play
  • construction
  • physical
  • library/quiet time
  • home corner
  • maths
  • Inside play

Seaside room has a separate art room, where the children enjoy lots of messy experiences, whether it is painting, sticking, sensory, sand or water play. We also have a communal link area, where the children can choose their own activities from the choosing area and socialise with the children from The Farm. The communal link area is also used to provide small group activities with an adult, which are age appropriate in order to meet each individual child’s learning needs.

The children enjoy a wide variety of cooking activities, experiencing and taking part in celebrations and festivals from different cultures.

We have a large outside area with a climbing frame, sandpit, ride on toys and interactive displays. There is also a sensory garden where the children can experience new smells and textures of a wide variety of plants. The children have been bought a greenhouse to grow their own fruit and vegetables, which they enjoy sharing with the other children in the nursery.

Children who are entitled to Free Early Education ( *2 & 3 year olds) will get their first 15hrs accessed between the hours of 7:30am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday for free TERM TIME ONLY.

*2 year old Free Early Education is subject to eligibility.

Key person

Each child is given a member of staff known as their “key person”. A key person is responsible for ensuring that the child’s needs are met educationally and personally. They work alongside the parent/carer to keep any routines consistent and familiar. The key person ensures that each child moves on by providing “next steps” for them to achieve. All achievements are recorded in your child’s learning journal along with pictures and observations which are available for you to see at any time and are yours to keep when they leave the setting.

Daily routine

There is a general routine for the day in Seaside, consisting of a group activity on arrival, tick tock time, child led play, snack and mealtimes, child led play is encouraged for suitable periods of each session. There are also times when children are encouraged to take part in adult led activities, many of which have been highlighted above.

Meals, drinks and snacks

At mealtimes, Seaside children are often given the opportunity to eat with The Farm and Outer Space children to encourage and develop good eating habits. Children are offered a healthy snack at both morning and afternoon snack time and on some occasions eat the wonderful treats they have been cooking that session.

Out and about

Seaside spend a lot of their time at the local recreation ground, often playing active, organised games in teams and groups to encourage teamwork and social skills, for example various parachute games. When the weather allows, a picnic style snack time often takes place at the ground. Walks up to the local library are also popular with the children as they have an opportunity to look at and listen to a variety of stories as a group or individually.